If you’ve followed this link, it seems that you are interested in becoming a part of our team. That’s great and we look forward to hearing from you, but first it’s important for you to have a basic understanding of what Cuan Law actually is before proceeding with your application.

We are a 105’ sailing trimaran offering week long liveaboard trips for up to 20 guests. We run varied itineraries of diving, sailing, snorkeling, water sports, and a handful of shore excursions, all within the British Virgin Islands and all depending on our guests’ preferences and weather conditions. While we do have some charters that consist entirely of non-diving guests, or occasionally have guests that are looking for diving instruction, we generally cater to established divers, leading them through a selection of the 80+ dive sites within the BVI. This includes diving directly off of Cuan Law and, for sites that we can’t anchor at, from our two tenders.

Whether catering to divers or non-divers, our crew always work very hard to deliver top notch service and entertainment to each of our guests through day and night. All crew share responsibilities of making guests cocktails, serving at mealtime, washing up, general boat maintenance, etc... even the Captain takes equal part in these responsibilities!

Our crew consists of: Captain, Engineer, Chef, 2 Dive Instructors, and 2 Stewards/Stewardesses. All crew live onboard year round in our shared crew quarters. This is through the 10 month charter season (with interspersed maintenance weeks), as well as our 2 months of annual maintenance. All crew are expected to take part in both charter and maintenance work. We are not a private whiteboat, but rather a hardworking charter boat going out for around $50K per week for a full charter. For this reason our remuneration package may seem modest in comparison with the whiteboats, but we have found that our crew do benefit from and enjoy the less tangible elements of being a part of our team. This includes being part of a family-style atmosphere where all crew are encouraged to have fun alongside the guests, whether that be taking out our Hobie cats, wakeboards, paddle boards, kayaks, going tubing, snorkeling, hiking, and of course, diving. Having all room and board covered (apart from personal toiletries) provides our crew with a significant source of savings throughout the year as well. We have also become something of a training vessel with many of our crew being promoted in-house and graduating on to other incredible positions within the industry.

Please spend some time on our website ( ) to try to get a feel for the types of trips that we offer and ensure that this sounds like something you would like to pursue further.

Work Expectations

While all crew are assigned job titles, this does not mean that your duties will be limited to that position.

On Cuan Law every crew member helps out with whatever tasks are required. This means you could see the Captain cleaning toilets, or the Chef doing woodworking and painting cabins. Every crew member serves meals and cleans up dirty dishes after.

We typically run on a six-week schedule with 5 weeks of charters, and one week of maintenance. Time off is limited to one evening per week, and from Saturday noon(ish) to Sunday morning.

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